Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

by patriotwatchdog 3/22/2009 2:51:00 AM

Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune

Open letter to Colorado’s 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi,

 I read with much interest your response to Colorado resident and 27-year veteran INS/ICE Agent John Sampson (retired) concerning in-state tuition for illegal aliens. In your closing remarks, you stated you looked forward to the dialog. Pull up a chair, sir. 

Shakespeare’s Hamlet spoke about “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” I can think of few phrases in literature that more eloquently express the rampant disregard of the Constitution of the United States it is now being subjected to. It is under attack by unscrupulous scoundrels and scalawags, many of whom took an oath to God & country to defend it.

 Retired ICE Agent John Sampson has gone out of his way to “inform your discretion,” providing you with the exact federal laws you are breaking, and the FIRE Coalition leadership in Colorado has gone out of their way to inform you of your Constitutional obligations by identifying the specific parts your actions are in direct conflict with. 

Did you give due diligence to your oath of office, and actually read the Constitution before you decided to support this legislation? The smart answer, however sad, would be no, because if you did, you would have found that this is un-Constitutional according to several Articles of and Amendments to your “employee handbook.” 

On your official website,, you list your 2009 Legislative Agenda. You included several bills by name that you are proud to support, including one to promote “green jobs,” SB 171. Green jobs? You’re not selling that global warming, oops… “climate-change” scam too, are you? 

Let’s back up one bill to SB 170. Are you not proud enough of your support for this bill to list it amongst the others you champion? What should the citizens of Denver, and Colorado, and the other 49 states glean from this omission? 

Colorado citizens have called and written FIRE Coalition leadership wanting our opinion and advice about launching recall petitions for members of the Colorado Legislature who are sponsoring and/or supporting un-Constitutional legislation such as SB 170. 

What should I advise them about you? 

Your letter indicates you are conspiring with taxpayer-funded educators, other Colorado lawmakers, media outlets, Governor Ritter, and special interest groups to undermine existing law and the Constitution? That’s called conspiracy to incite insurrection, according to the Constitution. Do you realize it could not only cost you your job, but the ability to EVER hold public office again?! 

Mr. Sampson, a recently retired ICE agent who now heads up CSI Consulting and Investigations has invited you to a public debate on these issues. I’ve included the bulk of your letter to Mr. Sampson here, offset to the right. Since you are a registered Democrat, do take some consolation that your words are still way “left of center.” 

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi):

“Dear Mr. Sampson,

Thank you very much for taking time to share your thoughts about SB 170 with me.  I always appreciate hearing from Coloradans, even when they do not agree with my stance.  Even though I may not be able to change your opinion about this bill, I wanted to take a moment to explain the many benefits of this legislation, correct several misconceptions about this legislation, as well as immigration laws, and convey to you why I decided to sponsor this legislation in the State House.

I decided to sponsor this bill to both create educational opportunities and hope for talented, hard-working, students who have been forgotten and for pragmatic, economic reasons so that they can be incorporated into our society as taxpaying citizens once they earn a college degree and a job.  This bill, which will just offer in-state tuition and no scholarships, will help accomplish that goal.”

 Senate Bill 170 is good for our economy, strengthens our communities, keeps us competitive with other Western states, and provides an opportunity for more Coloradans to seek higher education.  First, and contrary to some popular beliefs, SB 170 is not just a matter of generosity, but also an economic development strategy to bolster the state's economy.  The passage of SB 170 will not cost Colorado tax payers a cent!  Also, studies have indicated that college graduates are less likely to get caught in a cycle of poverty and crime, and that they tend to be more productive and civically engaged; they vote more, and are more likely to contribute to the state tax base.  The states with higher percentages of college graduates have higher productivity and attract more high-growth biomedical, technology, and new energy corporations.”

Illegal aliens are NOT “Coloradans.” If they come from Mexico, then they are Mexican nationals, illegally occupying Colorado. If they are from France, then they are French nationals, illegally squatting in Colorado. I’ve been to Paris. That doesn’t make me a Parisian.

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “Second, we are already funding undocumented students' K-12 education (as federal law has mandated nationwide since a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court decision), and we will be wasting this initial investment if we do not provide an opportunity for these students to pursue higher education and ultimately give back to the state.  Undocumented students are currently ten times less likely to attend college and realizing this futility, often drop out during high school.  Tuition equity is by no means a free pass to college.  Instead, all SB 170 does is to permit this portion of Colorado's population to pay in-state tuition.  These students will still have to apply and be accepted, so only the qualified students will benefit from the bill's passage.  Additionally, there are no enrollment caps at the 13 community colleges and most of the four year universities and colleges in Colorado, so these students will not be competing for spots with others.  I am working with the two universities - the University of Colorado and Colorado State University - to expand their enrollment caps so others are not denied a spot in college.”   


The 1982 un-Constitutional ruling by the Supreme Court illustrates the failure of the Judicial Branch of federal government to “check or balance” the illegal actions of the Executive and Legislative branches of our federal government. Which Colorado universities are you conspiring with to encourage insurrection and rebellion against the Constitution of the United States? Inquiring minds (and hopefully an honest U.S. Attorney) want to know. 

They too, are committing a felony, and if any of them, like you, are elected officials, they are in direct violation of the 14th Amendment, Sections 3, and 4, and the cowardly act of surrender in violation of Article IV, Section 4. 

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “Third, SB 170 provides an opportunity for Colorado to stay competitive with our nearby states.  Ten other states currently have passed tuition equity legislation, and many of these are Western states: California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington.  California and Texas have calculated that any costs associated with this legislation were minimal when compared with spending on social programs and the higher rates of crime that would result if nothing was done.”

Are you suggesting that because California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and Washington state legislators have failed to keep their oath of office, that that somehow justifies your betrayal of your oath? Are the colleges in Colorado there to educate the legal citizens, or as a commercial enterprise for a socialist government?

I would suggest you look in the faces of the victims of illegal alien crime at and at before you start preaching the praises of this illegal activity you are engaged in, and talk to the family members that were left behind. All illegal alien children need to be re-united with their family if the parents are deported is bus fare or a plane ticket. The Colorado families you are betraying will need a shovel.

Have you read the “Dark Report” written by Colorado’s own Peter Wagner? You can watch a video presentation Mr. Wagner gave at the FIRE Coalition Presidents’ Day National Security Conference, at the North Carolina Department of the American Legion State Headquarters February 18, 2008. All six segments of Mr. Wagner’s presentation of the “Dark Side of Illegal Immigration,” and many others can be viewed from the National Security Conference page of the FIRE Coalition’s Operation Body Count web site, or directly here:

Had you come to Broomfield, Colorado’s American Legion Post 1111 last August, you might have your priorities straight. You were invited. For you to suggest the costs “are minimal” is patently absurd. As a direct result of the failure of elected officials to uphold the Constitution, tens of thousands of Americans have been permanently silenced just since 9/11/2001, and generations of their children and grandchildren will never be born. They died as a result of politicians like you who chose to ignore their oath, instead of upholding it. What did you think “posterity” meant in the Constitution? Tell the Colorado families who lost a loved one at the hands of illegal aliens, or had their identity stolen, or their wages reduced by illegal aliens flooding the job market that their losses are “minimal.”

Exactly how many legal citizens of Denver and Colorado’s 9th District are you willing to sacrifice to be economically competitive?

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “Fourth, when discussing SB 170, I have often heard the argument that it is "unfair" to offer illegal immigrants residing in Colorado in-state tuition, but that it would be more "fair" to offer it to residents of other states instead.  Illegal immigrants residing in Colorado pay a considerable amount of state taxes.  Even though they are undocumented, every time an illegal immigrant purchases anything, he or she pays a sales tax.  Those who own houses pay their property taxes, and those who rent their homes/apartments pay taxes as a part of their rent every month.  Additionally, they pay tolls and fuel taxes when driving.  The idea behind offering in-state tuition to residents of a given state is that their state taxes have already contributed and helped to subsidize the costs of these state-sponsored colleges and universities, unlike their out-of-state counterparts.  In-state tuition averages around $2,340 a semester, while out-of-state tuition averages over $7,000 a semester.”

Get it straight Mr. Miklosi. The argument isn’t that it is unfair; in-state tuition for illegal aliens is ILLEGAL. It is a felony. It is un-Constitutional. Your “employee handbook,” the Constitution does not mention whether or not it is “fair.” It does say you cannot aid and abet if you want to keep your job. Did your oath only include “only if its convenient?” I don’t think so.

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “Fifth, I would like to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding federal immigration laws.  First, there is currently no easy solution or "path to citizenship" for these effected students.  The only option out there for these students, many of whom entered the country when they were very young, is to go back to their country and apply for legal re-entry.  Although this sounds like an easy process, in order to get back into the country, each applicant must have an immediate relative, who is already a U.S. citizen to serve as a sponsor, and must wait the mandatory 10 years before re-entering.  With an arduous and often impossible process like this, not many illegal immigrants will adhere to this federal immigration policy.  Second, I have also heard many people argue the futility of educating illegal immigrants because legally, they cannot be hired by Colorado businesses.  First of all, educating our residents is always beneficial to our society, regardless of employment status, and secondly, on the federal level, legislation will be introduced shortly that would remedy this concern.  The DREAM Act, expected to be introduced in April in the Congress would grant conditional legal residency to these students, as long as they graduate from high school, are accepted by a college, perform two years of community service or two years of military service, and stay out of trouble.”

Misconceptions? Let me clear up some for you. To suggest there is no “easy solution” or path to citizenship” for foreigners is the biggest lie of all in the disinformation campaign calling for “comprehensive immigration reform.” We need comprehensive enforcement, not pragmatic, cowardly, white flag waving, and patronization with slick-tongued diatribes that never answer the simple question: By what Constitutional authority do you usurp the Constitution, or the laws justly derived from it?

The United States allows more “legal” immigration than the rest of the world COMBINED! How can any of you suggest with any credibility that there isn’t an easy solution or path? Common sense and simple math suggest that the United States must already have the easiest path to citizenship on the planet.

Regrettably, the constituencies you are representing in this bill aren’t the citizens of Colorado at all, but are illegal alien insurgents, and that includes the children they themselves victimized by bringing them along on the invasion. Look those three words up. You can find them on, or at

How can your argument hold any water? It doesn’t. The truth of the matter is, that irresponsible elected officials are squandering the People’s money at a rate so staggering, and have become addicted to spending other people’s money with such a fever, the only conceivable way to keep getting “your fix” is to raise taxes from any source possible, including the hordes of illegal alien invaders that you refuse to deport.

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “SB 170 is an incredibly beneficial bill to the state of Colorado and all of its residents.  It will help to break the cycle of poverty among this section of Colorado's population and will provide immeasurable hope to those who wish to better themselves and their futures.  Even if this email has not persuaded you to support this measure, I sincerely hope that it has at least explained my rationale for supporting it.”

What would be incredibly beneficial to the legal citizens of Colorado is if you would break the cycle of betrayal and actually enforce the laws on the books, and defend the Constitution. What would be incredibly beneficial to the state of Colorado is if its elected officials wouldn’t enter into illegal conspiracies to aid and abet the insurrection of, and usurpation of our sovereignty.

(March 19, 2009, Colorado 9th District Rep. Joe Miklosi, continued):

 “Finally, as you know, immigration and economics are intrinsically connected.  We need to think about pragmatic, reasonable solutions that encourage a positive outlet, such as earning a college degree, and not a hopelessness outlet, which can lead to dependence on welfare and the criminal justice system.

  A few months ago, I heard a PhD economist associated with the Independence Institute, which you know is a conservative think tank in Colorado Springs.  He said 500 PhD economists of diverse political backgrounds, from liberal to conservative, signed a letter that showed the United States experiences a $20 billion dollar net gain on the economy annually from illegal immigrants.  The study incorporated all of the dollars that illegal immigrants use, such as health care and education resources. The economists also calculated all of the sales tax, gas tax, and unreported money that they contribute to the economy.  As you know, it is difficult to get two economists to agree on anything - let along 500 of them.  The study is pretty convincing.

 Additionally, a recent bi-partisan, federal government, General Accounting Office study showed that it would cost the United States taxpayers $387 billion dollars to identify and deport 15 million people.  No one has ever seriously proposed doing this, including former Congressman Tancredo.  As a result, we need to think of practical solutions that assimilate undocumented people into our society with opportunity, responsibility and dignity. I also recognize that we need to invest in strong border controls and reform our immigration and Visa system so that the wait list is not decades long and create an immigration system that allows equal access from people from all countries.” 

 Hold the presses. Are you suggesting that since (in your opinion) forcibly deporting 15 million people is too costly, that the logical conclusion is to jump to surrendering to them? Why not try the Constitutional mandate of “protecting us against invasion” spelled out in Article IV, Section 4, and try enforcing our laws. Remove the incentives that draw them here, and rescind laws that provide them aid and comfort to the illegal invading hordes?

If illegal aliens already here can’t get a job, can’t rent an apartment, can’t buy property, and can’t get any government assistance, then they will SELF-DEPORT. You can spend that $300 billion securing our borders and ports.

Attrition through enforcement works! The rest of the planet would get the message too. Don’t waste your time trying to go to the United States illegally. They aren’t going to help you continue the largest invasion in world history any more. Then only the bad guys would try.

People like you argue that illegal aliens aren’t bad people. Some are. Some are not. Stop pandering to the benevolent variety of illegal alien insurgent, and it will be a lot easier for law enforcement to do their job of identifying and locating the bad guys.

Various FBI reports indicate that providing aid and comfort to illegal aliens via sanctuary policies encourages even more illegals to come to Colorado. What is un-American about upholding the Constitution? What is un-American about wanting our laws enforced? 

Patriotic Americans are suffering the “insolence of office,” but unlike most politicians, we are not in need of a “bare bodkin to quietus make, and conscience does [not] make cowards of us all” as U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would have us believe.

(ref: Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III)

Speaker Pelosi would have us believe illegal aliens and their sympathizers are “patriots.” U.S. Senator Mel Martinez, while accepting an award from the un-American racist group NCLR, (National Council of “the Race”) would have us believe illegal aliens are “citizens” coming out of the shadows, and you articulate that illegal aliens are “undocumented” Coloradans. 

Is it nobler in your mind to suffer our Constitutional Republic more “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” or will you force patriotic Americans “to bear arms against a sea of troubles?”                                                (ref: Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III

Even conspiring to submit SB 170 to give illegal alien insurgents in-state tuition is felonious and a violation of your oath, at least five ways from Sunday. So is talk of the “Dream Act,” or as honest Americans call it, the “nightmare act.” 

If you don’t like the Constitution, then work to amend it. You have no right to ignore it. To recall, or not to recall, that IS the question.

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4/3/2009 9:16:23 PM

Leadership Expert

"The United States allows more “legal” immigration than the rest of the world COMBINED! "

What a jaw-dropping statement! Immigration has so many benefits, but at the same time you can't help but worry about how your culture will inevitably become diluted and the world will turn into one big grey mass. That will be a sad day!

Leadership Expert us

4/9/2009 5:27:15 AM

John Ryan

You may be aware of the Cloward-Pevin Strategy, it's been wrecking havoc since 1966, but I just learned of it a few nights ago.

I think it's worth a few inches of cyber-space. The strategy should be titled Bringing Down America For Dummies...A New Twist on Gramsci's Work.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn the illegal invasion wasn't part of their plan.

Before we can counter-attack successfully, we have to divide the enemy. Smacking the run-of-the-mill liberal with this information might snap them out of their induced stupidity.

My humble opinion, for what that's worth.


John Ryan us

4/19/2009 6:46:18 AM

Greg Walton

Let me start by saying HELL YA! Well written. I am a Utah native, born and raised. For the past 19 years I have bee a carpenter by trade in the custom home field. It sickens me to see my freedoms taken advantage of. Free education, free healthcare, special driving permits, housing and monitary aid from churches, lack of will to adapt to a community that has given them everything (aginst our will !). I wont get into what they have done to destroy my livelyhood. Ya their here illegaly, but it's the crooks in the system bowing down to special interest groups and worshiping the all mighty dollar that keep em here. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for educating the public on the wrongs in our society and enforcing the values that our constitution was founded upon.

Greg Walton us

7/18/2009 2:40:09 PM


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