Taking the Fight to the State and Local Level

by mrochek 9/8/2008 4:31:00 PM



            The next four years may be a very difficult time for our great nation if either of the two main parties have their way.  In both cases, “comprehensive immigration reform” (e.g. Amnesty) will be the order of the day.  The FIRE Coalition, along with many others, was successful at fending off the 2007 amnesty attempt through our on-the-ground education of federal legislators in the weeks leading up to the final vote, and we may need to lead a similar effort in the future.


            However, we are not content to sit and wait for the inevitable.  All politics is local, and it is in the cities and counties that the effects if the illegal alien invasion are felt first hand by our families and our communities.  The open borders lobby (and their puppets in our government) would have you believe that illegal immigration is a federal matter and must be reserved for the federal government.  It works in their favor if we believe this because it is easier to attempt to influence (“buy off”) 545 federal officials than thousands of state and local officials.  We know, however, that the illegal alien invasion is far from just a federal responsibility.


The state and local authorities have as much a responsibility to protect their citizens as the federal government; even more so since they are closest to the crimes and can react with more speed and flexibility.  Though cities and counties may not be able to enforce the border or deport illegal aliens, they can certainly seize the initiative and take defensive and offensive measures to protect their citizens.  City and county councils can pass ordinances.  States can pass new laws.  But in all cases, creativity is key.


We have already set in motion our plans to engage our state and local teams with their respective elected officials—and we want you to be a part of this effort.  The FIRE Coalition has had great success partnering with state and local officials across the country:  holding National Security Conferences, Workshops, Training Sessions, and more.   These events are designed to bring creative and previously-tested solutions to the table for local and state leaders to deploy in their jurisdictions.


However you choose to stay involved in this critical fight to defend our nation’s sovereignty, know that we will provide whatever support we can to aid you.  Please consider participating in one of our events or if you would like to schedule something similar, let us know and we can help you with ideas.


Thank you for your continued efforts in service to your country and please don’t hesitate to call on us to assist you in any way.


Keep up the fight!


                                                                                                            Jason Mrochek

                                                                                                            Co-founder & Executive Director

                                                                                                            FIRE Coalition

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